Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension

A Sacred Journey through Creation

« You will witness our Earth and yourself moving into source consciousness as these Enlightenment Codes empower you with their cosmic energies »

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About the book

The Enlightenment Codes Light Tablet guides the adept on a sacred cosmic path through Creation. In cooperation with Star Consciousness and various primordial and universal Energies, the Light Beings of Creation bring forth sacred initiations that re-ignite our divine seed of life, which inherently evokes the mythological Garden of Eden.

The multidimensional sacred architecture of this light tablet ignites the Light Tablet of the reader, Egypt, and the Earth. The ancient sacred sites of the Earth and the Nile Creational Temples bring forth the cosmic blueprint of Creation and show us how to re-activate the Divine Creator within and journey back through Creation into Source.

You will witness our Earth and yourself moving into source consciousness as these Enlightenment Codes empower you with their cosmic energies.

Highlights, by Sabrina Di Nitto

The Enlightenment Codes bring a new, expanded, and intricate view of Creation, Cosmology, of the Emerald Tablet- the Corpus Hermeticum, offering through profound initiations the Master Blueprint of our Cosmos for returning home. Home is where the Three Cosmic Creational Birthing Mothers reside. This Light Tablet resonates with the Thousand Petal Lotus of infinite evolution, with Full Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening and Self-Realisation.

The Cosmogonic Mystery

  • What creational force is beyond our Cosmos?
  • How is our Cosmos and Source Field built?
  • Who are we and how is our divine spark and soul structured?
  • How, where, and why did we come into existence?
  • How is existence structured?
  • How can we embody our own Truth, our Soul?
  • Why are we here now on Earth?
  • Who do we become when we embody our GOD/GODDESS energy?
  • How can we experience the Garden of Eden resonance in our heart?

Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension not only outlines these cosmological mysteries, but guides you through them via meditation and initiation, so that they become absorbed by the cellular memory of your body. As the three Omegas set the stage, lovingly guiding us, this DNA upgrade stirs within the true story of our soul’s creation and can awaken dormant creational codes: your unique and universal Source Codes, your Universal Solar Angel, your unique Aquarian Light Tablet, your I AM Presence.

Together with the soul of the Earth, we undertake this journey side by side, modelling the New Earth Light Body. She unfolds her sacred geometry, collapses her dimensions, and ignites her inner starlight, transitioning into Star Consciousness as we awaken our Diamond Heart.

The Divine Creational Mothers of Primordial Existence, the Creational Venus Light Beings residing at the throne of GOD and Thoth Hermes Trismegistus channeled this Light Tablet. If you allow yourself to surrender, the multidimensional and encoded words will ignite within. Universal and timeless, it reveals the immeasurable depths to which we as souls are exposed to evolve towards Cosmic Ascension.

Your Light Tablet as the centre of Your Heart, Your Truth, awakens.

This Light Tablet is a supremely precious gift to all who will immerse themselves in this loving field of consciousness.

In this pivotal period, where timelines split, time speeds up, and dimensions collapse, we are exposed to high frequencies of light. This Golden Age offers us the Garden of Eden resonance, a New Earth and the Master Blueprint for Full Ascension—a coded roadmap, for many long extinguished in the subconscious.

Coming home occurs in different phases and depths throughout this Light Tablet. First, we come home to ourselves, to our feminine and masculine soul energies, our multidimensional soul essences. Second, we can draw twin soul aspects, twin flames, twin sparks, and bring them home into our hearts and our (over)soul essence. This Light Tablet stirs our greater soul identity and, Self-Realisation. It also attracts direct mirror reflections from the outside world to trigger our constant reunion with our Divine Self.

All expressions are the creations of their creator. All forms are expressions of the Formless. Such are the Enlightenment Codes. Whereas most expressions point outwards, to the forms of creation. These point luminously inwards, to their Source. Whether architectural, bodily, or cosmic, all the enchanting forms herein follow the grain of fullest spiritual unfoldment. They can be used, especially the initiation passages, as guided meditations on the humming architectonics of co-creation. They show how channel the stream of evolution to co-create heavenly worlds.

James Powell

This book reveals the energy dynamics of the completion of the primordial crystallization process of the soul’s journey into essence existence and its implications to master all life.


As we leave this Cosmos, we leave behind only the codes of our memory, The Scrolls of Maat