Mystery school for embodiment of enlightenment self realisation divinity with courses and sessions Magdalene essence incorporated

Divine Human Offerings

Live as a Self Realised Light Master

Soul Architecture & Light Building

Ascended Light Master, we offer you Divine Human trajectories so that you expand your consciousness to the cosmic levels of creation and embody your Divine Human -here and now-, live your earthly life in a loving and blissful way, embody your Divine Mastery in your present life and walk the path of full ascension.

Mystery School

The Divine Heart

Drop Ripple Effect

The Enlightenment Codes reconnect you to the resonance of your Divine Heart, spiraling your divine essence into your human body, so that you once again embody your Divine Human.

Discover these innovative Light Technologies, each in its own way, activate Oneness between your Divine Heart, the Heart of the Cosmos and that of Creation.

Experience and live from Oneness, abundance, a deep sense of love and bliss. Enjoy living as a Light Master here and now on Earth.

Freedom and Light sovereignty await you, as you make the choice to embody your divinity and allow the universal creative life force in your life.

This creative force rekindles the universal creative life force within us and in relation to the surrounding life, so that we become creators of our own lives in sacred union with all our divine selves converged in our inner flame.

The Light Tablet

Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension

Soul Codes

« You will witness our Earth and yourself moving into source consciousness as these Enlightenment Codes empower you with their cosmic energies »

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    Sacred Site Travels

    Earth's Light Codes

    Internationally, travels to sacred places will be organized to activate and reveal their pristine blueprint for the Divine Human to emerge from Earth’s encoded Love Body. If you would like to join or be informed, please leave your details below. Thank you.

    Choose your enlightenment module

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    Venus Light Technology

    Full Immersion Self Realisation Module for the descent of your Divine Light in your human body and the embodiment of your I AM presence.

    You become your I AM presence and learn how your daily life becomes its reflection.

    Past and future merge in your I AM eternal Now moment. You live your own distinct soul heartbeat and live the Garden of Eden resonance.

    Twin Flame Soul Union

    Heal detrimental patterns of self love, and love for another.

    Heal your primordial separation soul wounds, resonating within and reflected to you by life and relationships.

    Heal the essence of your relationships patterns.

    Restore the integrity of your soul.

    Become Sovereign and whole in Love.

    The Cosmic Light Networks

    The Light Networks open you to the expansive cosmic light structures, throughout the whole cosmos. They align your current light body to your highest frequency. You plug into a cosmic light framework, repattern your light to your original light code while clearing any distortion. This enables more cosmic communication, you evolve at higher speed, from a cosmic perspective. Compare it with ephemeral moments of portals openings, only the Light Networks allow you to be in a constant flux of cosmic portal opening.

    Cosmic Moon Code

    From Moonology to Cosmology.

    Move with waning and waxing energies of the Cosmic Moon essence.

    Experience how you, as creation, create yourself through the profound wishes of your soul.

    Surpass the vibrations of the ego and ephemeral earthly desires.

    Bathe in the birthing cycles of your soul light, its dormant codes and unborn potentials. At your own soul biorhythm, release energies not serving your soul desires. In your divine timing, unfold your potentials and bring them into the Light.

    Cosmic Heart Portal

    Private Session

    These powerful and profound sessions prepare you for Soul Embodiment and alignment to your I AM presence

    About Sabrina Di Nitto


    Soul Architect

    With her inner senses, she moves into the realm beyond earthly manifestation, between form and formlessness. Here she sculpts with the essences and filaments of the world beyond thought and form, where the soul has its origin, to guide you to Self-Realization and Light Mastery.

    She thrives on twenty years of experience in ascension work, enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, alchemical and merkaba healing, spiritual psychology and awakened soul codes spanning cosmology, metaphysics, ancient Egyptian, Urantia and Cosmic mysteries.

    Light Master

    Sabrina works as a Light Master and Cosmic Midwife for Cosmic consciousness. She practices Divine Human embodiment, Soul Alignment to the resonance of Oneness and Divine Light indwelling.

    Sabrina Di Nitto and her new paradigm Mystery School ‘The Divine Heart’ offer programs to restore your original soul codes, Light building and further developing your soul architecture for cosmic consciousness, developing her and your physical and etheric structures for soul embodiment, the Divine Human and Self-Realization.

    It is her soul mission to share these with you on your path to becoming a Self-Realized Light Master.

    Sacred Midwife

    She has conducted countless transpersonal sessions over the past 20 years where she aligns the human with the soul. The depth she reaches allows you to transform at core soul level with ease and grace and considerable leaps.

    What we offer

    The enlightenment of your human body. The embodiment of your soul and your I AM presence.
    • Release inner earthly and cosmic trauma, distortion, blockages.
    • Deepen your light into the cellular tissue of your body
    • Embody the divine heart pulsing through creation
    • Enlighten while descending your light and ascend your human
    • Expand and become all-encompassing love
    • Become A Divine Lighthouse on Earth
    • Great clarity and discernment from an I AM perspective which restructures the foundations of your present life
    • A new way of living disentangled from mass consciousness and a sacred witness to the recurring earthly stories of others 
    • Profound all-encompassing love for all of existence
    • Perception of life through the eyes of your soul
    • Resonance of the Garden of Eden: Abundance, Safety and your own soul heartbeat

    What clients say

    Want to embody your Enlightenment and become Oneness as well?

    Venus Light Technology spiritual course, source teachings and ascended mastery for cosmic consciousness, inner transformation, enlightenment and self realisation of the I AM Presence I AM THAT I AM

    14th October Venus Light Technology Launch! Enrol now.

    We are three months to Christmas. Do you desire profound transformation, a deep inner knowingness of who you are?

    Are you finally ready to say yes to your Light? It seems an easy question. But is it really? Are you as human, not afraid of the all-encompassing love and power your soul thrives on?

    We eternally play hide and seek. Are you ready to change this and bring your soul and divine light in your body, here and now?

    The ones who preceded you, including me, have discovered the profound inner boundless region of our cosmic being in our human life.

    We no longer search for who we truly are. Our course is now directed towards creating a life that’s based on truth, love, bliss, discernment, and soul wisdom.

    The ones who preceded you, including me, have discovered the profound inner boundless region of our cosmic being in our human life.

    We are home.

    We no longer search for who we truly are.

    Our course is now directed towards creating a life that’s based on truth, love, bliss, discernment, and soul wisdom.

    Our heart embodies the Garden of Eden resonance.

    17 May 2017

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    “Fire restaurant”
    28 Spring Av. New York

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    Enlightenment workshop

    14th October 2023

    Open reading and group workshop on Enlightenment Blockages on Oct. 20.

    In the afterglow of the new moon I will explore with you the enchanting theme of enlightenment and what elements in our lives make it difficult.
    In an intimate setting we explore together, as kin this theme, and if desired you can receive a reading for your main enlightenment blockages. With this cosmic insight you can then proceed in a most suitable way.

    Registration is open until October 16th

    Thank you for registering in advance.
    Price: 30 euros.
    Time: 1PM CEST
    Link: upon registration available.
    Registration via contact form website: subject group workshop
    I hope to see you there.
    With Kindness,

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