Your soul’s desire


being fully present in your light, on all levels that you are and

being connected to All That Is, so you feel you belong not only to Earth, but to this Cosmos.

Then you live, being a part of it.

Being it.

You understand light and  reconnect with the cosmic code of light and become its reflection.

Omni-conscientious essence light.

For the Light Master within you, Light is a prima mater you remember how to work with, and that we almost have forgotten on Earth.



Self Realisation Embody Your Full Cosmic Light bandwidth

Embodying your complete cosmic Light essence

Your Light Being’s Ancient light patterns


As a human being, you are already evolved in your spirituality. You already embody a sense of Oneness and have a higher consciousness. But you’ve gotten to a point where you’re walking in circles. You have tried almost everything, but nothing allows you to make a quantum leap in the development of your light body. And you wish for yourself, yet unconsciously, a blissful human divine experience of life and of your connection to cosmic essence.

After all you tried, it seems to be something you can’t unlock yourself. Something higher than yourself is blocking you. Although you already have a solid spiritual connection with your higher selves, at this stage you are missing a refined cosmic connection to all aspects of cosmic light. This keeps your light sphere dimmed to a certain level.

From your being of light and your light, you notice that you are withdrawn in your light sphere from an all-encompassing cosmic Light connection; as withdrawn into a cave, making you feel more human and smaller than you really are.

You believe you have shadow, and you must do work on yourself, learn your earthly lessons all the time to merit…? But whatever you do, it doesn’t take you to the next level where your soul wants you to be. In addition, it hinders your feeling of being one with Cosmos; and the pure essence of light. It is time for you to be nourished again and evolve to use your soul potential in a much more profound way.

As you still resonate with ancient earth codes, you are at this moment, unable to embody and co-create with the higher levels of cosmic light. When your light body is not yet ready to fully receive the high frequencies of cosmic light permeating us in this age of Light, you remain entwined, with an inner sense of sadness, while you observe the world around you. As Yeshua said, “For those who have eyes to see.” Something is missing, in the world and inside. It seems hard to put a finger on it, something is not as it should be. You’re not where you’re supposed to be. The world is not where it should be. Everything has a veil of haze, and you can’t capture the whole in your being.


Meet your LIGHT MASTER within


Light is a prima mater; it is coded and has different textures that you can choose to manifest. It also allows you to choose a balance between the different densities and coding, such as etheric, plasma, liquid or crystalline.

If you don’t have the right encoded pattern in light, you won’t tune into certain bandwidths, vibrations, and high-frequency divine verse energies present in the entirety of Cosmos.

That ability to re-pattern, to recode, to choose what balance in light essence and light quality and texture you want, awakens in you the true Light Master, the Creator.

Light codes are the wisdom of nature that follow the latest evolution of light. The Alpha Light Code nourishes the cosmos and the Divine Mother. It allows the Divine Mother to fully expand and show who she is so that she flourishes and embodies full cosmic ascension and her full potential.

This is what Light also enables us to do. So, if you stagnate in your light essence, you won’t evolve. The Cosmic Light Networks allow you to be fully aligned with cosmic light of all dimensional levels throughout the Cosmos. It reinstalls your alpha code of light. Becoming a Divine Human is pivotal for the future, and The Light Networks is essential for you to evolve into a Sovereign Cosmic Light Master.



Cosmic Essence Light Light Master

Self Realised Light Master


Light Metaphysics Embodiment

A gift for your human and cosmic self


Many of us have been delving into the realm of spirituality, transpersonal work, energy work, cosmic consciousness expansion, metaphysics or quantum physics for some time now. We have already reached a certain level. Admittedly, there is a barrier that is difficult to describe, and that we cannot overcome.

As human beings and souls, we are ambitious and want to live entirely from our divine heart. You know how life wants to be lived and what you are capable of. Another little push to evolve, to expand to the next level, to become everything you know and are.

How can you embody evolution?

The cosmic code of light connects you to essential frequencies to thrive on. You then embody your cosmic light essence to become evolution.

The complexity of these light codes is such that no artificial intelligence on Earth could ever understand them. For they are divine in origin and perfect.

We can’t even grasp the potential with our minds.


These codes of light drive evolution, write evolution, write the codes, write Life.

The Light networks pierce those clouds between you and the cosmic sky and its cosmic light codes. You can then upgrade your light body in the most refined ways to embody your cosmically evolving self.

Are you ready to refine your Light essence so you move with ease and grace with increasing light frequency and make quantum leaps in your evolution? 

Remember as evolved light being that you co-create again with incoming cosmic light and form a bridge between heaven and earth.

Upgrade your Divine Heart to the new and highest standards, viable in this age of light.

Are you ready to co-create from your high levels of being? 

Self Realisation Cosmic Light Essence Embodiment

                                                                                                                        Light Metaphysics



What if you are not aligned with the cosmic light circuit?


When you are not aligned with the cosmic light circuit, imagine yourself as a dimmed light sphere.


All incoming high-frequency energies from equinoxes and portals, swirl down like snow and glide along your light sphere. Why? Because your light hasn’t evolved enough to really absorb, integrate, or co-create with those vibrational levels.


Consequently, as a human being, you cannot make quantum leaps to evolve with what these exciting times give you.

I will try to rephrase. If you live for a long time in a cave and someone brings you an advanced computer with a printer whose settings you have to format, then you would not understand how to deal with it. You’ve been in that cave too long, and you’ve not developed enough.

To fully make a quantum leap and evolve with the Earth and the incoming light frequency, you need to upgrade yourself.

Even now, artificial intelligence can never match the complexity of light as it reveals itself to us. It continues to dazzle me with its infinite variations.

Why are the Cosmic Light Networks here for you?

So you can feel your expansive self once more. Because cosmic and earthly events of the past have a negative impact on your soul history, you have deviated from a higher cosmic connection and disconnected.

Your light stagnated, did not evolve with cosmic evolution. Your light essence froze. Your physical humanity took over and your light slightly dimmed.

While Cosmos, or the metaverse, as you might say, is always evolving! This is a cosmic law that rules here. Each of us who dwell in this metaverse is in an evolutionary process toward the full flowering of the cosmos and inherently the full flowering of our souls.

This is the only thing the creation wants from you. The evolution that unfolds in each present moment corresponds to the cosmic laws of harmonic resonance.

Evolution is the key for you and “All That Is”.

We live in this cosmos under this evolutionary law. It applies to all of us. When you stayed entangled in a certain part of the cosmos, you did not evolve with cosmic light. When you lack the evolutionary codes in the light, the cosmos always continues as you disconnect. Your light then stagnates, dims, loses its dynamics of creation. You lose your creator gifts that are your innate nature as a soul. The result is that you identify more with your humanity and its limitations than with your soul.


It is everyone’s choice to listen to the call of your soul. There is Divine Timing to embody the wholeness of Light that you are.

If you feel this call, you will benefit greatly from the Cosmic Light Networks.

I am here to assist you further.

With Kindness,



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