The Multidimensional Merkaba Techniques are as ancient as humanity. They originate from the ancient mystery schools of Lemuria and Atlantis, and later in Egypt, Central and South America, and Tibet.

They are powerful and spiritual techniques that offer wholeness, oneness with all that is, feeling interconnected, and through inner love, bliss, love for life, nature, and animals. It is a special technique that is spiritual in nature but has a powerful influence on self-love, your heart and your relationship to life. The result is expressed in the increasing experience of unconditional love, softness, and forgiveness towards ourselves and others

These multidimensional Merkaba techniques were newly developed in 2009 after extensive study of all existing Merkaba systems. They are completely separate from any existing religion and are thus learned and applied independently of everyone’s religious beliefs. It is understood that there is only one divine source, and many well-known teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammed, among others, have spoken from this inspiration.

What is a Merkaba?

You have a physical vessel and different light bodies that carry the consciousness of all your life experiences and those of your soul. You expand your consciousness to a soul level with special techniques. This expansion means that information about yourself in your deepest core reveals itself through your light bodies and emerges in your consciousness. You experience bliss and an inner knowing.

This expanded field of consciousness is called a Merkaba.

  • “Mer” = the universal divine source,
  • “Ka” = your own mind or consciousness,
  • “Ba” = Egyptian word for body.

The Multidimensional Merkaba Techniques work with high dimensional energies of love and light. These are also called Christ Consciousness, prana, chi, or ki. Christ, in this context, means a very high level of spirituality

  • to heal
  • to support your life and your evolution
  • to protect.

From this perspective, it also means that working with such high energies requires the quality of forgiveness towards yourself and others, allowing you to purify and find inner happiness and peace. This way, you experience an in-depth purging in your life, and you move forward more connected to your soul.

When we learn from our experiences, we develop self-acceptance and self-compassion. We find a point of neutrality in our hearts. This allows us to spiritually grow as a person and to take responsibility for our actions. By integrating love and compassion in our hearts, we develop self-mastery.

You can follow this training to

  • purify and connect with your soul and your soul mission,
  • discover your multidimensionality and therefore find the niche in your life at a profound level,
  • give healing to others, to guide and support them in their spiritual growth.

A Merkaba practitioner heals himself daily and supports himself to keep expanding his/her consciousness. Thus having a deepening effect on the healings, we offer to others. In this way, we convey the higher levels of love and light in service to others.

Multidimensional Lightbody activation

A light body is eternal and contains all the information about your soul and your life experiences. The difference with our brain is that the information stored there is lost in mortality. It is possible to expand your consciousness to its highest potential through these techniques. We then speak of a Merkaba.

By activating your Merkaba’s, you go through spiritual and personal growth. As a result, you experience profound inner happiness, love, and you can lovingly be with people, animals, and situations. In this context, when you reach a certain spiritual level, it is no longer necessary to incarnate on Earth. You have acquired inner balance in situations regardless of the circumstances. This is then referred to as ascension, and as a soul, you continue your journey in higher dimensions.

The activations of your light bodies are therefore also called ascension techniques, and they consist of:

  • An advanced spiritual cleansing and a self-empowering meditation in which karmic connections are removed
  • Forgiveness meditations and energetic awareness exercises that enable people to enjoy their everyday life more.
  • A new way of cleaning the chakras of the light bodies.
  • A new way to activate and expand your light bodies into Merkabas.

Merkabahealing offers healing to oneself and others on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A daily activation in the form of meditation takes ten minutes each day. The result is that you feel clear and experience more unconditional love.

Multidimensional Merkaba healings

The multidimensional Merkaba healing techniques are powerful healings on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. They consist of very high energies from the levels of creation. They are able to heal imbalance if the intention is also to heal at the soul level. The healer works from an expanded consciousness (cf Merkaba fields) and can channel large amounts of high energies.

The Merkaba Practitioner is a channel and understands that if by purging yourself, your healings are of high frequency. As a healer, it is essential to purify yourself, do daily the Merkaba meditation, and deepen life themes in love for oneself and service to others. By giving Merkaba healings, as a healer, you also receive more consciousness.

Healing Water

Water carries energy and information (CFR Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto). Water absorbs information and takes chemicals through our transport and purification channels bringing the Bovis (energy) values ​​to a low level. Also, it increasingly deviates from its original blueprint, which is pure and high frequency.

Our planet also has sources of water that are healing, such as the water of Lourdes. When one guides the spiritual energies in water through light body activations, one gets healing water with a Bovis value that is more powerful than even these healing sources.

Drinking healing water in combination with multidimensional merkaba healing supports and accelerates the healing process.