Enlightement and blockages: Open reading & Group Workshop


Unveil your enlightenment blockages




  • What do we understand by Enlightenment?
  • Which blockages can you feel which do not allow you to make a quantum leap
  • What is most daunting for you?
  • Where can you already feel your light moving in?
In the afterglow of the New Moon I will explore with you the enchanting theme of enlightenment and what elements in our lives make it difficult.
In an intimate circle of kin, we’ll traverse these enchanting themes. As the stars align, an open reading is available for those who seek to gain more soul wisdom.
Limited number of participants.
Thank you for registering in advance.
Link: upon registration available.


30 euros


On a monthly basis after New Moon. Please request data via contact form if not published on the website or social media

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