The Cosmic Ascension Project
Venus Light Technology
Becoming ONE with existence

The Venus Light Technology is a Prima Mater Source Code technology and comprises four parts.

This specific offering represents the following aspects:

Sacred Architecture

The Venus Light Technology creates the space and an energetic container for you to

  • Attune to your unique vibrational frequency and alignment with the universal frequencies in this cosmos. This recoding creates the opportunity to find the hooks and release them to reveal and open your unique essence and be present from your core light.
  • Find balance and alignment with your soul mission on a cosmic level, placing you back in the centre of your heart so that you can choose to unfold your true soul mission in your life. You are offered a true co-creation with Earth and Cosmos. As you discover the divine scent of your divine gifts to be revealed within you, you remember your own soul scent, unique to you. We each have our own blueprint.
  • Attune to your true blueprint so that you can flow with life and experience yourself as a divine creation. During this journey in discovering your divine self and witnessing yourself, the love and value for who you are as a soul can unfold and open the space for you to experience your unique gifts you bring to Earth.
  • Allow your Divine Light Being to descend and reveal itself to you, to communicate and experience life on Earth from this capacity. When all that we are reveals itself to us, we feel and experience ourselves as Divine repositioning ourselves between Earth and cosmos.
  • Move in and out of timelines, out of the framework of space and time into the Eternal state of the I AM. This cosmic state of being provides the optimum energetic environment for you gift yourself the unfolding of your golden diamond heart. When we rebirth ourselves into a new, balanced, nurturing, and fulfilling life, a sacred alignment occurs between one and his very soul.

The Venus Light Technology and its light fusion language is designed to

  • Deprogram and defragment the mind, and trigger each soul’s unique imaginative visions, senses, creative encodement’s, and gifts to live in fulfilling joy and to share and illuminate and uplift your world into light.
  • Relay the light language information and its energy communications via your internal channeling system in suitable applications to your specific focus, soul imprint, and each vibrational soul experience for the growth you are giving yourself.
  • Address issues or patterns of mind-emotion or biological cell distortion or imbalance throughout group and private sessions, using the light therapeutics embodied within the course. These are modelled after the natural energy and conscious awareness of the soul’s heart’s natural Divine functions.
  • Offer you the space and choice to create a new world of high-frequency light. This high frequency world within the old world enables the vibrations on Earth to shift to a new, higher state of consciousness. When thriving on high frequency we become a beacon of light, radiate a deep sense of love and inner peace and tranquility.

‘Coming home, a Cosmic Being of Light requires letting go of old biology, old patterns. From there, your divine senses can once again choose to permeate the surrounding life with your divine energy.’

Sacred Architecture
  • Thirty Activations in cosmic consciousness on soul blueprint level recoding and divine light building (streaming for 90 days). The activations are designed so that once you do them, the codes are embedded in your system. Once they are in your system, they remain in your system incarnation after incarnation. Each individual soul experiences this in a unique way, in different levels of intensity, and experiences a unique translation of these codes in daily life. From an energetic viewpoint, they represent a tipping point in your spiritual evolution where you are offered the opportunity to reembody your original settings if you so choose. They are available for three months to complete the series in full each month. So all activations are done three times. After this, the streaming ends for the reason that it is important to let go and move forward sovereignly on your own light codes in your unique soul evolution. Sabrina offers further guidance in this during personal sessions in this specific program and, if desired, in subsequent parts of Venus Light Technology that will be released at a later date.
  • One Introductory Private Session (via Zoom). During the first session, we can get acquainted and already do a first energy blueprint reading to set the tone for the complete process. Sabrina guides the Divine Human process, meaning that the divine essences exist hand in hand with the human. The homogeneous integration of these is addressed. For all private sessions, Sabrina allocates 60 – 75 minutes, depending on the dynamics of each session.
  • Two Private Sessions for integration during the activation period (via Zoom).
  • Three additional Private Sessions for further follow-up, deepening, and integration (via Zoom). For all private sessions, Sabrina allocates 60 – 75 minutes, to provide optimal guidance. This involves working on blueprint levels of the soul.
  • Three Bi-Monthly Group Sessions (via Zoom). Group sessions comprise blocks of 1.5 hours for personal feedback, group discussions and group alignments.
  • A private community platform that promotes 24/7 support, exchange, and sharing.
Resonant audience

The Venus Light Technology appeals to a wide array of professionals, health care practitioners, light-children’s parents, those on the light body path of self-healing and self-realisation, and those who choose enlightened spirit or essence heart relationships—as well as creative innovators whose light systems solutions will change the world.

Energy exchange

Sacred Architecture of the Venus Light Technology:

A full-in Prima Mater Source Code Technology, is offered to you for 8000 euros. Payment in installments is possible

Venus Light Technology offers universal light codes to every soul. Every soul has universal and unique light codes. These unique light codes express themselves in their own way. For this reason, I would like to do an honest video interview at the end of month three to discover how the light codes translate in your daily life.

Time investment

The first part of the Venus Light Technology is a 5-month program of which the first three months require the most time investment. The activations should be done during this period. This would take 1h to 1h30 minutes of time each day.

There will be 5 personal sessions and 3 group sessions. In the second five-month period.

Broader context

The Venus Light Technology currently comprises three parts.

  • This first part Sacred Architecture is designed to align the soul in its totality with its original unique and universal light codes, with the cosmic principle and its bandwidth, with the deeper cosmic levels of love, light, and harmonic resonance, expressing its highest soul expression and its creation codes to initiate the Cosmic Master Creator in one’s soul structure. The I Am presence.

My soul mission is to take you into ascension with me. Guided by the ascended masters and my twin flame, together we walk the path of Cosmic Ascension..


Since much attention is given to integration processes I work with a limited number of people. If this cosmic light program resonates with your soul, please let me know all the eventual questions you may have.

You may apply by replying to this mail,

and we can see if there is an energetic match.

We look forward to co-creating with you and walk the ascension path side by side.

With Eternal Bliss,

Sabrina and the Ascended Light Masters