Cosmic Remembrances

The Comic Ascension Project offers Soul Architectural and Light Building trajectories expanding your consciousness into the cosmic levels of creation, so you embody your Divine Human -here and now- and walk the path of full ascension.

Twin Flame Energy Soul Union

“The Original Source Code of Love”


Our soul structure, our Seed of Life, involves two key components: the divine feminine and masculine essence. You incarnate one of both essences. Your other part can be incarnated in another human form or have remained in the ethereal realms in our planetary system or beyond.

Primordial Soul wounds

This soul restoring and alignment series addresses Primordial Soul wounds at the Twin Flame Soul level. It restores and aligns your soul’s essence with your Original Soul Code on twin essence level that has been intrinsic to you since the birth of your soul.

Original Soul Love Code

Twin Flame Soul Union focuses on realigning your Original Soul Code, restoring and rebalancing the detrimental effects of primordial Soul Wounds to your soul structure. Both you and I we have all experienced the primordial pain of separation in this cosmos. Since that event, the impact reverberates deep within and in all experiences, incarnation after incarnation. Your persona and relationships are affected by it because your soul essence still carries the memory in its being.

On a human level, integrating your twin flame essence allows you to dissolve an existential longing your human seeks and which causes you to feel incomplete, alone, not loving, nor worthy enough …

Releasing the primordial wound energy from your soul structure and from your human brings Light sovereignty, gentleness, wholeness, lightness, connectedness, and peace to your heart.

The effect of these activations work at the level of your soul’s blueprint and these realignments, restorations, and healings are designed to be of lasting nature throughout all your forthcoming soul lives and transmute your human molecular essence.


The Twin Flame Soul Union series can be seen as a drop etheric liquid light of the Mother Essence Venus Light Technology. Just as the Venus Light Technology, also this series offers in depth transmutational results which will last your Soul Life long. You will embody these enlightenment codes on a Twin Flame Soul Union level and nourish your Divine Heart in your human incarnation.

  • 8 activations
  • Streaming 90 days
  • Private Community Platform
Energy Exchange
Our Christmas Offering comprises two options:
Option 1: 30% discount

Twin Flame Soul Union Series is offered to you for 990 euros, a 30% discount. The Original price is 1400 euros. During this first and Christmas launch this is a ONE TIME Offering until the 7th of January 2023.


Option 2: A Gift

When you enroll for the Venus Light Technology before the 7th of January, Twin Flame Soul Union is offered to you as a GIFT. You will have immediate access to this series and can start the transmissions at your own convenience. In this setting, the first payment of 990 euros is due when purchasing this set of programmes, the remaining balance in January 2023. If you need more information about this option, feel free to reach out.



Both options are ONE TIME Offerings until the 7th of January 2023. For both options I would love to ask an honest review from your behalf. If you have questions, please reach out.


Stir the heart’s deepest passion and wisdom within all the layers of your existence.

The Twin Flame series will take your soul and spirit into very deep trances, meditations to download unique soul directives, light codes and transform your human molecular cell structure. It does not contain music nor marketing distractions, which would distract its purpose to be Fully Present in your heart’s stillness to receive the sound, light and color vibrations These deep trances are designed to change your life and stir the heart’s deepest passion and wisdom within all the layers of your existence.

Balance, completeness, inner calm, peace and deep inner confidence.

The light language in the activations is truly divine and heavenly. The energies work at a profound level. Oceans of blissful crystalline codes bring healing and a rich tapestry of light energies weave and align the etheric structures of the human body. The Twin Flames series bring balance, completeness, inner calm, peace, and deep inner confidence.