Cosmic Remembrances

The Comic Ascension Project offers Soul Architectural and Light Building trajectories expanding your consciousness into the cosmic levels of creation, so you embody your Divine Human -here and now- and walk the path of full ascension.

Twin Flame Energy Soul Union

“The Original Source Code of Love”


Our soul structure, our Seed of Life, involves two key components: the divine feminine and masculine essence. You incarnate one of both essences. Your other part can be incarnated in another human form or have remained in the ethereal realms in our planetary system or beyond.

Primordial Soul wounds

This soul restoring and alignment series addresses Primordial Soul wounds at the Twin Flame Soul level. It restores and aligns your soul’s essence with your Original Soul Code on twin essence level that has been intrinsic to you since the birth of your soul.

Original Soul Love Code

Twin Flame Soul Union focuses on realigning your Original Soul Code, restoring and rebalancing the detrimental effects of primordial Soul Wounds to your soul structure. Both you and I we have all experienced the primordial pain of separation in this cosmos. Since that event, the impact reverberates deep within and in all experiences, incarnation after incarnation. Your persona and relationships are affected by it because your soul essence still carries the memory in its being.

On a human level, integrating your twin flame essence allows you to dissolve an existential longing your human seeks and which causes you to feel incomplete, alone, not loving, nor worthy enough …

Releasing the primordial wound energy from your soul structure and from your human brings Light sovereignty, gentleness, wholeness, lightness, connectedness, and peace to your heart.

The effect of these activations work at the level of your soul’s blueprint and these realignments, restorations, and healings are designed to be of lasting nature throughout all your forthcoming soul lives and transmute your human molecular essence.

Is this for you?

For you who long for a deeper sense of wholeness with Self and in your relationships. This activation program designed on a core blueprint level is recommended if you desire:

  • To dissolve one of the oldest wounds your soul has endured during your soul’s existence in this cosmos, to heal, restore, integrate, and become whole within your Sphere of Light and with your twin essence (incarnated or not). This profound heart alignment will reverberate in your relationship with Self and others and allow you to step out of the soul’s separation trauma and experience fulfilling relationships.
  • A profound alignment at the DNA level with your twin soul essence, which will balance heart energies on a soul level and echo in your earthly relationships, enabling you to live life from this core level of wholeness.
  • Balancing yourself when you have already met your incarnated other half and want to restore your part of your soul essence.
  • a new way of experiencing heart relationships with Self and others.
  • To bring balance to your relationship with Self and others if you experience recurring, detrimental patterns.
  • Fulfilling an existential lack and undefined longing. Lingering in this emotion dims your light and seeking a relationship outside of you, risks being impure love and a fulfillment of an unbalanced inner emotion which finds its origin in the ancient separation wound.
Transform your human molecular structure and stir the heart’s deepest passion and wisdom within all the layers of your existence
The Twin Flame series will take your soul and spirit into very deep trances, meditations to download unique soul directives, light codes and transform your human molecular cell structure. It does not contain music nor marketing distractions, which would distract its purpose to be Fully Present in your heart’s stillness to receive the sound, light and color vibrations These deep trances are designed to change your life and stir the heart’s deepest passion within all the layers of your existence and its wisdom.
The Twin Flames series bring balance, completeness, inner calm, peace, and deep inner confidence.
The light language in the activations is truly divine and heavenly. The energies work at a profound level. Oceans of blissful crystalline codes bring healing and a rich tapestry of light energies weave and align the etheric structures of the human body. The Twin Flames series bring balance, completeness, inner calm, peace, and deep inner confidence.
My heart feels anchored and expansive.
I experienced the first activations as deeply transformative, almost orgasmic, my whole body tingled and flowed. I felt deeply moved, tears flowing down my cheeks. It felt like being reunited with a loved one after a long time, but more intimate than an embrace can ever be. A deep coming home to yourself within yourself. This was followed by a stabilization process that was calmer in nature and allowed my heart to descend deeper into my pelvic region. My heart now feels anchored, emotionally stable, supported, expansive and safe. I feel complete and no longer feel the need to seek something complementary in a partner. I am at home in my heart.
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