Surpass your human existence

Descend fully into life –  core soul – bones.

Divinize yourself & Integrate the filaments of your  light into your body

Evolve infintely & align with the pulse of existence – its all-encompassing love.

Your light carries you, to simply BE

Pure you – share your light


What do you long for? 

Do you seek self-realization in this life so you feel the expansive heart of creation within you?

Are you ready to experience your inner wisdom within reach?

Is it time for you  to be One with all that is, equal and live a blissful life?

Can you decide for yourself to end the search for solutions to inner restlessness, problems, emotions, trauma and just BE here, in your life and have a clear view on your potentials?


This Self-Realization Center offers you ways to align yourself to your core soul and connects your back to your core origin, so you come home to yourself.

Only then, you truly contribute to the whole for yourself, life on Earth.


As Divine Human, we reconnect to Life in such ways that our heart reconnects to the Sacred Divine Heart.


The Divine Heart Self Realization Center

This Self Realization Center is a group consciousness moving together toward the highest form of enlightenment and ascension toward Self-Realization.

Explore the different enlightenment modules or private sessions in preparation for your ascension and enlightenment.


I look forward to meeting you. Sabrina

    Self-Realization Center: a Supreme framework of Quantum Evolution