Among the most profound Enlightenment Modules for I AM presence embodiment 

Here we fuse cosmology, quantum physics, metaphysics with most profound physical cleansing, and light codes embodiment.

The light codes within all activations are for you to listen to, and allow your human body to align to your highest light frequencies, expand your conscioussness for divine alignment of your human being here on Earth.

These enlightenment modules have come into being so you live the I AM that I AM, experience a light and loving way of being, express your purest, all-encompassing you, and manifest enlightenment in the earthly realm.

“The fundamental purpose of your existence.”

Returning to Source. 

The source codes of light within all activations of the enlightenment modules you find in this Self Realisation Center allow you to re-experience yourself in most pure form in your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual being.

They provide you with a reset and realignment to your divine essence, so you can re-discover and embody what your true essence is.

In the full immersion Venus Light Technology module, a lot of attention is given to releasing old human and soul patterns, so you may align fully.

Quantum growth versus linear growth

Times change, so do teachings. You are constantly exposed to new light frequencies and consciousness expansion in this era.

The old teachings do not allow you to make the quantum leap into and weave your soul’s fabric into your human tissue, nor to align to your divine essence and embody your I AM presence.

If you’re curious, love to read and explore, but don’t want to fully commit, you can read my light tablet.

However, when you desire to express your soul’s essence in everyday lifen and want to experience bliss in every moment for an enlightening and fulfilling life? Explore the enlightenment modules and ask questions if needed..

We will guide you to release your current human foundations to uncover your true nature and potential.