Twin Flame Soul Union spiritual course for uniting your twin flame soul essence and source teachings, ascended mastery for cosmic consciousness, inner transformation, enlightenment and self realisation

Cosmic Remembrances

Twin Flame Union within your Heart: Restore the Sovereign nature of your heart

Step out of ancient detrimental relatiosnip patterns withholding you from unfolding your true nature.

On a soul level, you have endured deep wounds from the early stages of creation. These scars resound today in your life in your experience with self, others, and life. They keep you in the same patterns, circling the same themes repeatedly. It is time for healing so you release this memory from your soul tissue, even if mass consciousness is not ready yet.

This way you stop searching for the missing piece making you feel more complete. The twin flame union addresses your most profound separation wound which reverberates in the now and allows you to repattern yourself for discernment, bliss and love.

What does it do for you in your daily life?

You dissolve an existential longing causing you to feel incomplete, alone, not loving, nor worthy enough …

Releasing the primordial wound energy brings Light sovereignty, gentleness, wholeness, lightness, connectedness, and peace to your heart.

The effect of these activations work at the level of your soul’s blueprint.

These realignments, restorations, and healings are designed to be of lasting nature throughout all your forthcoming soul lives and transmute your human molecular essence.

Is this restoration series of the Cosmic Heart for you?

For you who long for a deeper sense of wholeness with Self and in your relationships. This Twin Flame activation program designed on a core blueprint level is recommended if you desire:

  • to heal, restore, integrate, and become whole within your Sphere of Light
  • to step out of the soul’s separation trauma and experience fulfilling relationships.
  • balance heart energies on a soul level and echo in your earthly relationships, enabling you to live life from this core level of wholeness.
  • a new way of experiencing heart relationships with Self and others.
  • Fulfilling an existential lack and undefined longing.


The Twin Flame activation series, is very powerful and is currently offered as BONUS with the Venus Light Technology full immersion module.

Video Testimonials
More written Testimonials
Transform your human molecular structure and stir the heart’s deepest passion and wisdom within all the layers of your existence
The Twin Flame series will take your soul and spirit into very deep trances, meditations to download unique soul directives, light codes and transform your human molecular cell structure. It does not contain music nor marketing distractions, which would distract its purpose to be Fully Present in your heart’s stillness to receive the sound, light and color vibrations These deep trances are designed to change your life and stir the heart’s deepest passion within all the layers of your existence and its wisdom.
The Twin Flames series bring balance, completeness, inner calm, peace, and deep inner confidence.
The light language in the activations is truly divine and heavenly. The energies work at a profound level. Oceans of blissful crystalline codes bring healing and a rich tapestry of light energies weave and align the etheric structures of the human body. The Twin Flames series bring balance, completeness, inner calm, peace, and deep inner confidence.
My heart feels anchored and expansive.
I experienced the first activations as deeply transformative, almost orgasmic, my whole body tingled and flowed. I felt deeply moved, tears flowing down my cheeks. It felt like being reunited with a loved one after a long time, but more intimate than an embrace can ever be. A deep coming home to yourself within yourself. This was followed by a stabilization process that was calmer in nature and allowed my heart to descend deeper into my pelvic region. My heart now feels anchored, emotionally stable, supported, expansive and safe. I feel complete and no longer feel the need to seek something complementary in a partner. I am at home in my heart.

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