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Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension, A Sacred Journey through Creation

« With this spiritual enlightenment book, you will witness our Earth and yourself moving into source consciousness as these Enlightenment Codes empower you with their cosmic energies »

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About this Spiritual Enlightenment Book Light Tablet

The Enlightenment Codes Light Tablet guides the adept on a sacred cosmic path through Creation. In cooperation with Star Consciousness and various primordial and universal Energies, the Light Beings of Creation bring forth sacred initiations that re-ignite our divine seed of life, which inherently evokes the mythological Garden of Eden.

The multidimensional sacred architecture of this light tablet ignites the Light Tablet of the reader, Egypt, and the Earth. The ancient sacred sites of the Earth and the Nile Creational Temples bring forth the cosmic blueprint of Creation and show us how to re-activate the Divine Creator within and journey back through Creation into Source.

With this spiritual enlightenment book, you will witness our Earth and yourself moving into source consciousness as these Enlightenment Codes empower you with their cosmic energies.

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Highlights, by Sabrina Di Nitto

Multiple bestseller, The Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension is an advanced spirituality Light Tablet that reveals the cosmogonic mystery of your soul’s creation and its journey throughout creation.

If you are seeking a deep understanding of the divine, your soul essence and architecture and that of the Cosmos, this Light Tablet will resonate deeply within you.

In this series of divine transmissions, you are guided through the formless, the ethereal, namely all the Light Beings that animate matter: such as temples, sacred sites, the Earth and the Cosmos. This Light Tablet aims to help you connect with your soul essence, yoursoul’s purpose,andascend to a higher, cosmic level of consciousness.

In this Emerald Source Tablet, co-created with Thoth Hermes and many Ascended Light Masters, you will find the cosmic teachings and sacred New Thought for the Aquarian Age on
– Hermetism
– Cosmology
– Source Cosmogony
– The Divine Mother Principles and the Divine Cosmic Womb
– Ancient Egyptian, Lemurian and Urantia Mysteries
– Quantum and Metaphysics
– The Emergence of Divine Human

Allow yourself a deep understanding of the cosmic mystery of life and the structure of your soul, your divine spark, the cosmos, existence. This will enable you to remember who you are, where you came from, and why you are here. With this knowledge, you can begin to align with your highest expression and that of the Earth, and find your way home to your golden diamond heart. The I Am, that I Am.

This spiritual enlightenment book reveals the energy dynamics of the completion of the primordial crystallization process of the soul’s journey into essence existence and its implications to master all life.

All expressions are the creations of their creator. All forms are expressions of the Formless. Such are the Enlightenment Codes. Whereas most expressions point outwards, to the forms of creation. These point luminously inwards, to their Source. Whether architectural, bodily, or cosmic, all the enchanting forms herein follow the grain of fullest spiritual unfoldment. They can be used, especially the initiation passages, as guided meditations on the humming architectonics of co-creation. They show how channel the stream of evolution to co-create heavenly worlds.

The Light Within the Words
Much of what can be said of the Goddess of Speech applies to these silence-haunted syllables, for they flow in concert with and uphold the luminous divinities. Embracing and transcending Heaven and Earth, they need no commentaries to reveal their greatest mysteries. Herself illumined, the Goddess of Speech is at once communication and communion. She is at once the diversity of names and forms and the unity of their nameless, formless union. She is concealed within the heart and revealed through love and worship. Among those who adore the Goddess, blossoms true friendship. To those who know her fully, Heaven and Earth are abundant, for her essence is the essence of the human heart and of all Creation. Simply by attending sagaciously to the possibilities inherent with Speech, the mystery of Creation opens, harmony spreads among the worlds, and the individual finds fulfillment.

Each syllable of the Goddess blooms from inmost silence. Each flowering, each unfolding, is also an enfolding, an embrace. Each blossom enfolds silence, expressing a particular sound and form. Each word and form in Creation is an embrace of the Goddess, opening to eternity. When the indusium of words is lifted, an inward flowering reveals the most intimate life of the Goddess as oneself.

Extremely valuable book for these pivotal times
The book builds steadily, giving an innovative view of cosmology in the broadest sense, and descends further to the Earth itself and the human body where a human crystallization process is described.
From an overview, a lot of detail is also brought in with illustrations and meditations to clearly show and experience processes of quantum physics. These make it pleasant to follow and allow the book to be read from the heart.

While reading this book, I felt the energies going through my body, the streams of consciousness were palpable.
The thread that is always brought forward is that being human equals being divine. There is no separation. The author brings this to our consciousness through meditation and initiations.

Wonderful book! Pure gold: the information revealed resonates so powerfully! I heartily recommend this book!

Choice as the basis of existence
‘Choice is the basis of existence, we all once chose to exist.’ This book gives a very reassuring feeling about life. It remembers you about the fact that we’re all one. Empowering and motivating to know how we ‘it’ all works.

I have traveled to Egypt and visited the temples but this book gave me a deep sense of the initiations that are really available there on the inner planes. Reading it is as if I am accessing what I strongly sensed was there but could not quite grasp at the time….. I definitely feel that as reading you receive the codes multi dimensionally . The author has skillfully given voice to something that is almost impossible to convey through language as we know it. A rare and beautiful Transmission…..so grateful.

A remarkable read
The author starts from ancient sacred places, cosmic, in the earth, temples in which primordial gods initiate the reader. The Egyptian gods that are present are approached from an innovative angle, and lead you through the spoken word to the center of your heart. A lot of metaphysical information is brought in an intricate and poetic way. I could feel the streams of consciousness and the loving intimacy. It was a remarkable read.

Every word is magical. It is a pleasure to read and a truly beautiful journey of ascension and deep inner alchemy. As I read the book I feel so deeply healed and transformed travelling the cosmos and deep inner temples of the Earth. It is a Divine gift.

A Coming Home
Intimate, enchanting, clever, and lush cosmic poetic verse. An initiation into the sacred journey of creation. I could see and feel the luminosity emanating from the text and activating my body. I have more deeply shifted into my Diamond Heart through the cosmic intelligence presented. I highly recommend this exquisite writing when you are ready to fully embody your truth.

Revealing most ancient mysteries.
I have read many spiritual books on cosmology, temple wisdom, soul incarnation, hermetics. It is the first time that I can experience them from such a broad overview and at the same time with such detail, in direct application to earth and human being. Many puzzle pieces are falling into place. Beautifully presented in a guided meditative manner.

Enlightenment codes for cosmic ascension IS a sacred journey through creation
I had been looking for a long time for a book that could really make me curious, enrich my inner self, until I finally discovered this book. I love it and it gives so much information about the spiritual world, higher dimensions, that I no longer feel alone and can bask in the light of the moon, the stars and all that is. It also goes into detail about stargates that are represented at sacred sites and beyond, and specified initiations one can do there. It feels like coming home from a long journey. I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing spirituality.

Guidance into Divine Potential
The common thread in this book is to unleash your true potential. The author starts at the origin of all existence, where we as souls are also formed from different components. From here you travel as it were through time, through the cosmos, dimensions, temples, inner earth under the guidance of Egyptian gods, creational higher angels, and the meditations and initiations re-imprint/ remember your cellular memory with your initial blueprint, which actually contains EVERYTHING to fully develop yourself as a human being.I found it a wonderful book because on the one hand you have the aspect of meditations, a lot of explanations about both cosmological and quantum physical aspects, and on the other hand the words are imbued with love for Life, making it a multi-faceted reading experience.

A unique, remarkable and intimate journey into our very own cosmic creation.
This book reads as if its personally written for you.

The descriptive symbolic details immerse you into this sacred tale of your cosmic creation and existence as if you experience everything while reading.
That makes reading this book so unique and remarkable.

The author guides you through the whole process of your personal journey to unfold your divine potential.
Containing many layers, this book can be revisited many times and still you will learn and experience something new every time.

I highly recommend this book.

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This book reveals the energy dynamics of the completion of the primordial crystallization process of the soul’s journey into essence existence and its implications to master all life.

A guide for the soul on its way to ascension
The author manages to translate the old mystical vast teachings & ancient Egyptian wisdom into a modern interpretation. The light tablet covers a broad range of teachings, such as process of creation of the universe, the celestial bodies, time and space, sacred geometry, light code activations, ascension process of the cosmos and own ascension path through visualizations and meditations. A guide for the human pilgrim on its sacred path of return to its eternal devine self and by doing so transmuting the old into the new, shaping its new crystalline body and the New Earth.

Most appreciative to read about unfolding potentials. Spirituality can be seen on different levels, the writer speaks about primordial energies that create everything in matter and from which everything originates. The detail with which this is presented is amazing. Furthermore, one descends into the whole of creation looking at how creation processes run, in this cosmos, on an earthly and human level. The mediations and initiations make it tangible and contribute to a deeper understanding of why we are here, expressing our full potential as beings of divine essence. The path that the author prepares for you is enganing, compelling and loving.
Een iemand vond dit nuttig

A treasure for human kind and the earth; of great value, magnificent.
This book explains, in a great way, the value of the ancient rites in this modern time. Reading this book enlightened me at many deep levels even touching me in my former spiritual lifes.
Please, read this book and our world as we know it may transform in a wonderful and loving world.
Many seeds of life will be planted and therefore it will allow us to create a huge field of love and light.

Sabrina Di Nitto, thank you for this sublime and amazing book.

Innovative and hopeful
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the account of this magical journey. Although the author is clearly and expertly building on a tradition, and I am not familiar with it, I can clearly feel that she moves beyond the confines of that tradition into new territory. And that territory is exciting and full of hope! I know I will go back over and over again to this work to discover new layers of ancient and new wisdom.

Amazing book helpful in the practice of meditation and life.
Cosmos is reflected in our deepest cells, like breadcrumbs remembering our way home. The author names each breadcrumb and builds a path for us to follow in initiations and meditations. I enjoyed every step of the way. I highly recommend this book.

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