Intensive Enlightenment Zen Retreat

Evolution evolves infinitely. And you?

  • Enlightenment zen retreats are online immersives in group around the Enlightenent modiles you can also purchase individually.
  • Each enlightenment Module provides quantum growth and the warm and supportive environment of a light community. Transforming in a group setting also adds value and provides a foundation of growth.
  • Most of the enlightenment modules you can purchase and follow independently.
  • At periodic times, we launch enlightenment modules with group sessions called an enlightenment zen retreat and possibly individual sessions, depending on the module.
  • Register and get lifetime access to the light community.

Enlightenment Zen Retreat Practical

Reach out for more details

If you are interested in an Enlightenment Module but would like an in-depth conversation about it. Then reach out for an email exchange or a 15-minute video call. I would be happy to help you with more information and a reading regarding your enlightenment blockages and which enlightenment module would best suit you at this time.
The Enlightenment zen retreats are heartwarming to do because we work in group and within a certain time frame. Nothing stops you from getting started already by purchasing them early and joining the group setting.


The ‘Enlightenment Zen Online Retreats’ are for the Sincere Heart, those who want to go to the bone of their humanity and have the courage to do so.
They are looking to infuse light into their bodies and illuminate their full being to higher cosmic consciousness with a desire for full ascension.
They go full-in, engage and move respectfully in group.
They foster the desire to become a Self!Realized and Actualised Light Being. A Light Master on Earth experiencing a fulfilling life.

The Enlightenment Module provide quantum movement towards full enlightenment.

In this quantum movement, the Enlightenment Codes support you in the biggest shift you can do as a human being and as a soul on Earth and in the Cosmos right now.

Which is, transforming you into your

Light form