Self- Actualization Needs and Cosmic Moon Codes

Practical Information

The moon codes are 9 activations done throughout the different moon phases.Three months is the recommended minimum duration for the series. Afterwards I suggest you continue as they keep deepening you. The group setting can be extended. Their actions deepen in the body with each phase. It’s about realizing your potentials and feeling worthy to allow them.

I offer this series in a group setting with monthly calls.and readings. Additionally, there’s a private group for exchanging throughout the quarter.  You can also combine private sessions if desired.

The Moon Codes is a profound way to develop your potential at your own pace.

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What is the difference between self-actualization vs self-realization?

In the process of enlightenment, you first realize, feel, and embody the inner knowingness that you are perfect as you are: a reflection of creation itself. You understand, know, feel your wholeness, nothing lives outside you.

This inner knowingness enables you to be in your I AM loving presence and sovereign nature. You are free from victimhood, karma, playing it small, fears of darkness, and entities, as they are non-existent. It’s unnecessary for you to engage in the incarnation’s game cycle and learning. You integrated your worth and love. All that is sought can be found within, leaving you no need for external exploration.

The state of Self-Realization disconnects you from the earth timeline, inducing feelings of sovereignty and equilibrium regardless of external conditions. You exist in the vibration and timeline of the IAM presence, feeling complete and still within. At that point, you realize you have a desire to self-actualize and your self-actualization need of your soul qualities emerges. The Cosmic Moon Codes are essential here.

Self-Realization of your cosmic soul’s potentials - Your self-actualization need.

The moon code process links your self-realization to your soul’s divine potentials.

The Cosmic moon codes cleanse your light being and its light sphere. They shine a light on untapped soul potentials, awakening your understanding of inner qualities and capabilities.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, the cosmic moon codes tap into your Sphere of Light and your soul aspects. So you gain awareness and may feel them present in your daily life. Those potentials brought forward by your soul are illuminated.

They may take different shapes in your life, for example, enhanced intuition, becoming aware of potentials or finding the motivation to complete a long-standing inner project, lingering consciously or subconsciously.

When inner potentials become clear, they manifest in a way that’s specific to you. Should you choose, you can make them a reality. By doing this, you are fulfilling your soul’s need for self-actualization. At that point, you begin to align with your soul.

If you feel your worth, you embody their essence fully in your body.

Your physical form embodies your soul potential codes. Your body and soul co-create, enlightening your being. They help transform your body, to some extent, into crystalline light structures.

Self-actualization vs Self-realization. The Enlightenment of your physical body.

It fosters a direct connection to your I AM presence and soul structure. It affects your soul’s desires and aligns with your human self.

You transcend time and space to some extent in your human experience and manifestation. Time and space do not exist in light.

These moon enlightenment codes unite self-actualization and self-realization. We help you bridge self-realization and start the process of self-actualization based on your soul needs. Since genetic integrity of equality is built in this process, your soul guides you flawlessly through.

Be authentic to your true nature and you will awaken and actualize your untapped possibilities. Avoid searching for creativity by looking at what others do or what already exists; find it within yourself. Embrace your uniqueness and stay connected to it.


Is this for you?

People from all backgrounds are drawn to The Cosmic Moon Codes for profound soul potential growth.

From health professionals, spiritual teachers,  to parents raising “light-children,” from people on a path to enlightenment and self-healing to people who choose pure heart relationships or enlightened spirits.
For those seeking to illuminate the corporate environment with purity and integrity. This technology appeals to imaginative thinkers and visionaries who want to transform the world within the Era of Light.

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This Enlightenment Module, like the others, is a quantum movement towards full enlightenment.

In this quantum movement, the Enlightenment Codes support you in the biggest shift you can do as a human being and as a soul.

Which is, transforming yourself  into your purest Light form