Moon Codes for Self-Realization & Actualization



Moon Codes for Self Realization & Self Actualization of unknown potentials. 

These 9 activations submerge you in a cosmic timeless ritual, opening you up to the -cosmic- moon essence of birthing your unknown potentials.

In this powerful series, we transcend the thought of planetary moons, working with cosmic Moon grids and their energies throughout the cosmos.

You attune to the cosmic creational matrix. You illuminate your potentials and discover throughout the numerous months who you are by nature.


This self actualization series of potentials allows you to:

  • Bloom the unknown within
  • Discover at own pace the divine gifts you carry within
  • Remind yourself of your ability to create and fulfil your desires.
  • Gain a correct comprehension of light and shadow beyond duality. The place where all your unborn seeds lie, light as Moon Light and dark as Moon Shadow. You guide them towards the light.
  • Evolve on a conscious and soul level.


Make this series a tangible part of your life by engaging with intent. Ultimately, you are reawakened to the Code of Creation.



The moon codes are 9 activations done throughout the different moon phases. Three months is the recommended minimum duration for the series. Afterwards I would suggest you continue as they keep deepening you. Their actions deepen in the body with each phase. It’s about realizing your potentials and feeling worthy to allow them. I frequently organize group events for monthly discussions on findings, with possible readings. Additionally, there’s a Facebook group for exchanging throughout the month.  You can also combine private sessions if desired. It’s a profound way to develop your potential at your own pace.

For group sessions, you can check the schedule here.

Alternatively, reach out and I’ll get beck to you.



Streaming Online activations

Unlimited in time.

Light Codes: spoken word, divine sound, light language


1200 euros