The Enlightenment Codes

Divine Human Offerings

The Divine Human

Soul Architecture & Light Building

Ascended Light Master, we offer you Divine Human trajectories so that you expand your consciousness to the cosmic levels of creation and embody your Divine Human -here and now-, live your earthly life in a loving and blissful way, embody your Divine Mastery in your present life and walk the path of full ascension.

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The Sacred Heart. Twin Flame Soul Union. Immerse your heart in profound transformation
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    Mystery School

    The Divine Heart

    The Enlightenment Codes reconnect you to the resonance of your Divine Heart, spiraling your divine essence into your human body, so that you once again embody your Divine Human.

    Discover these innovative Light Technologies, each in its own way, activate Oneness between your Divine Heart, the Heart of the Cosmos and that of Creation.

    Experience and live from Oneness, abundance, a deep sense of love and bliss. Enjoy living as a Light Master here and now on Earth.

    Freedom and Light sovereignty await you, as you make the choice to embody your divinity and allow the universal creative life force in your life.

    This creative force rekindles the universal creative life force within us and in relation to the surrounding life, so that we become creators of our own lives in sacred union with all our divine selves converged in our inner flame.

    The Light Tablet

    Soul Codes

    « You will witness our Earth and yourself moving into source consciousness as these Enlightenment Codes empower you with their cosmic energies »

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      Soul Architect

      With her inner senses, she moves into the realm beyond earthly manifestation, between form and formlessness. Here she sculpts with the essences and filaments of the world beyond thought and form, where the soul has its origin, to guide you to Self-Realization and Light Mastery.

      She thrives on twenty-five years of experience in ascension work, enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, alchemical and merkaba healing, spiritual psychology and awakened soul codes spanning cosmology, metaphysics, ancient Egyptian, Urantia and Cosmic mysteries.

      Light Master

      Sabrina works as a Light Master and Cosmic Midwife of new cosmic consciousness. She practices Divine Human embodiment, Oneness soul alignment, Divine Light indwelling.

      In doing so, she also focuses on the preparatory path of the human etheric body structure, including inner human work, energy blueprint reading of residual obsolete human themes.

      She brings forth activations in light building and soul architecture, developing her and your physical and etheric structures for soul embodiment and Self Realization.

      It is her soul mission to share these with you on your path to a Self Realized Light Master.

      Sacred Site Travels

      Earth's Light Codes

      Internationally, travels to sacred places will be organized to activate and reveal their pristine blueprint for the Divine Human to emerge from Earth’s encoded Love Body. If you would like to join or be informed, please leave your details below. Thank you.