The Enlightenment Codes

The Enlightenment Codes reconnect us to the resonance of the heart, our mystical heart. They spiral us into our human body, so that we can embody our soul and soul mission.

Enlightenment Codes offers an innovative cosmic Light technology, the Venus Light Technology, which activates sacred union with the cosmos and cosmic love.

This creates a profound multidimensional connection with the Earth and the cosmos, and with all of our divine selves, and our one unique inner flame, so that we may embody it anew in our daily lives.

This creative force rekindles the universal creative life force within us and in relation to the life around us, so that we become creators of our own lives in sacred union with all our divine selves converged in our inner flame.


  • I offer a progressive and transpersonal approach in group and in person, in Light and Shadow work that prepares the body, mind and spirit for soul embodiment. Our emotional, mental, spiritual shadows illumine and contribute to soul realisation.
  • The attunement to our highest potential of love dissolves the resonance of old beliefs and emotions within the cells of our body and mind.
  • In the process of ascension, self-realisation or enlightenment, the balance between our earthly experiences and the cosmic is of primordial importance. When the human experience is sufficiently deeply purified, the soul can descend into our inner abyss in a balanced way and bring us into resonance with our cosmic mother. We then hold the key to returning home.
  • In our soul-to-soul contact, we remember our divinity, ignite the light in our heart. For we are all light. We are divine. We are who we were and who we will become. For when your true self is seen, you also see yourself again.

By acknowledging that, I pass on the torch to you so that you may kindle your inner flame guiding you through life as a compass, shedding light in loving moments and in challenging times.



Sabrina Di Nitto listens with her inner senses to the realm beyond manifestation, moving between form and formlessness. She professionally deepened her inner knowledge in spiritual psychology, alchemical healing, Egyptian mystery, Merkaba teachings, transpersonal therapy to access the world beyond thought and form. Since 2008 she works as a spiritual teacher and cosmic midwife of new consciousness. She practices breathwork, regression and incarnation therapy, family constellations, Voice Dialogue, multidimensional Merkaba healing and reading. She has also developed her own Venus Light Technology for soul embodiment.

Sabrina works with adults and children to integrate the light into their hearts and bodies. She co-creates with ascended masters and is initiated into the lineage of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Her innate gifts as a visionary run like a thread through her life and her work.

Internationally she travels to sacred places to activate and reveal their pristine blueprint. Sabrina holds a M.A. in Romance Literature, Linguistics and Philology. She speaks Dutch, English, French and Italian. Her workshops and trainings are given in English, French and Dutch. She lives in Flanders, Belgium, where she teaches, guides and writes.