I AM LIGHT.  I have done many many courses. But, the Venus Light is not a course. It is a way of being and living. I am Light and feel the greater Heart and Love within and without myself. I feel sovereign, all I need I feel within. I embody crystal clear inner knowingness and this unlocked my potential and discovered a new profound way of experiencing love. My soul is within and without. I feel expansive; I am all that is. I feel so rich,this is something you can’t buy, but you can live it; My relationship with my son has deepened so much, we feel each other’s waves. It is very pure, and this is beautiful. I am One structure and feel One with my environment. Venus Light technology helps you to become who you truly are so you act with your heart and soul.

This is a key to unlock yourself. If you want it, it will happen. 100% sure.


Who am I?


I AM LOVE. I can feel and see it.


Just I AM.