Can you heal your life, your most profound wounds and align to your inner divine nature?

Yes, you can.

Meet Thomas, an engineer in aerospace engineering, he practices his passion in sustainable and charming wood construction with an eyewink to a nostalgic past, beauty, warmth and purity. Thomas joined the Venus Light Technology self realization shrine and went through a profound 9 month release.
I know Thomas for several years now and this journey was a profound experience for both as I witnessed him moving into his light and quoting I Have Arrived, I Am Home, Thich Nhat Hanh.
He now lives from peace, joy, harmony and experiences a deep connection with his cosmic soul essence, guiding him and making him feel sovereign in life.

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ThomasVenus Light Technology

My lifelong search for profound healing was a lonely process.

Now I feel Divine and have all Inner Knowingness within. I am Home.

Meet Yasmina Lemsiah. She is a contextual therapist, lifelong activist and spoken word artist in Brussels. She joined the Venus Light Technology program. After three months, she experienced quantum growth and moved into her I AM presence.
She embodied the completeness of her soul and the knowingness of creation. She will continue her life from this divine loving and high frequent soul vibration.
Thank you, sweet Yasmina. I enjoyed co-creating with you. Life will carry you into your most profound wishes and allow you to manifest them fully!

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Venus LIght TEchnology
YasminaVenus Light Technology

Your Path to Enlightenment and what Enlightenment truly means.

Meet Andrea Alhstrom. She is an Akashic Energy Reader, painter, writer, astrologer with a profound knowledge in metaphysics and a beautiful mother. She joined the Venus Light Technology and immersed herself in her core soul essence to come home and be here from her divine heart. Listen to how she embodied her soul light, lives from a resonance of pure peace, abundance, inner trust and walks life with pure inner all-encompassing knowingness. Her relationship with Life, Self and others have become joyful, from soul to soul, from divine to divine.

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AndreaVenus Light Technology

I had a series of private sessions with Sabrina, over the last year.

It made me: feel, acknowledge, visualize and accept everything that is inside and outside me, even what I didn’t know it was there.

It makes me see my own light, gives me awareness of life and living presence in all things.

It makes me be wholly present for my life


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I see my Light
DanielaPrivate Sessions

Unique experience. The activations are very powerful. I needed time to recover. Twin Soul Union allowed me to feel Sovereign in love. I feel more balance in my feminine and masculine energy. I feel more whole and complete. I feel less lonely within me.


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Wan TingThe Primordial Soul Wound: Twin Flame Soul Union

Venus Light Technology

I know who I AM. The Venus Light Technology is very subtle and powerful. It goes to your core and connects you to the larger Self. My I AM. Very profound feeling of coming home. I don’t really need a lot anymore. I feel so fulfilling. I like myself and others! It is me! I have it all within. My relationships have deepened. I stay close to myself, my core. And I feel so fulfilling. It made a huge difference. People enjoy my energy and are open to me, while I feel unconditional. I am there. And these moments are enough, my inner unconditional nature of it.

The connection with my children is wonderful. I am without words, amazed, peaceful, like an open child, more aware, in connection on a deeper level. At the same time, I feel so wise and mature. This has so much impact on my environment, people open and feel room to truly be with me. I feel I have so much TIME and Space in me. I feel it in my heart. I remembered what is truly important and essential for me. When I look in the mirror, I feel different. I feel divine. My body is universal love.

Abundance came my way, my soul mission clarified, and my senses became crystal clear. I discovered I could look beyond the veil of the persona.I feel so light; it took me a while to feel I can allow this light abundance in my life. Everything is open, no guilt, no shame. I don’t feel responsible for others; it is free and light. My sexuality underwent a surge and shifted, my energy opened and I now experience intimacy from a deep heart level.

I embody My Truth. 
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Venus Light Technology
NoemieVenus Light Technology


I feel a deep respect and Oneness with all of existence. Abundance and love are within me and all around me.

I feel Oneness with all of existence. I desire to manifest this. It really is like that. It seems so obvious, but it is not.

The Cosmos is within me, and I am Cosmos. Once you understand this, this embodied feeling stays.I feel more whole. My soul is more whole again. I sense I have something big to do here on Earth. I feel lit inside. My soul mission is the only thing I desire and the obstacles to this are dissolving. The way is open. I await something special. I now have the guts to do it.

I now understand what divinity is. I can feel it within – the divine source in your heart. And I can see and feel it in all others. I sense beyond the person and can see through it. I don’t feel inner polarity anymore. I feel my deepest soul and the contrast outside of me. It is beautiful to not have to search anymore. I know who I AM, the true me and what my dreams are. I had forgotten….

Abundance is coming to me. Life will provide for me. I loved the activations, the sacred sounds Sabrina was singing. I felt coming home, a deep connection in my soul. It had a great effect on all my relationships. I am now more connected to my inner self, which brings me into a state of inner peace. This enabled me to really reconnect with my loved ones. i have so much peace in me, it does not trigger me anymore. It has a significant effect on others as well. I rely on the universe and know everything is good that comes to me. I know I am choosing the right way. Abundance is everywhere, for everyone.

My relationship with the Earth has deepened so much, I have a deep respect for her and all beings. I am so grateful to be here.Love was a struggle and conditional. Now I feel more sovereign, myself. I don’t need to do anything for love;I do not search it; it is within and around me.

Everything is Oneness. Once you can feel it, you transcend searching and needing. You RECEIVE it.


Life is important to leave it in its worth.
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Venus Light TEchnology Self Realisation Program Enlightenment Codes
AngeliqueVenus Light Technology

I experience divinity as a natural state of being.


The Venus Light Technology is a huge leap in my development that nothing has ever given me. I merged with my core. I feel peaceful, discerning crystal clarity, determined. I am more in my body and at the same time very light and this is very solid. I developed a sound inner knowingness of my inner and outer environment; I feel an unwavering sense of love for Self,t here is no doubt I KNOW. My relationships are free from emotional games, I stand in a higher soul perspective, so I am not triggered anymore by a partner. I left duality and feel centered in myself. I feel supported by my higher self, or even something higher than my higher self. I choose to not deal with bullshit of other people anymore and can stay in my peace and stillness; I can engage in healthy relationships now. I feel sovereign and do into look for answers outside of myself. I embody my inner knowingness. I know best who I AM. I feel it. This is a huge difference and I am really happy about that.

The activations were amazing and powerful, i can feel them and know it worked. I am not looking for support outside of myself anymore. I understand what true abundance is about and experience divinity as a natural state of being. Caroline
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Venus Light Technology
CarolineVenus Light Technology

I AM LIGHT.  I have done many many courses. But, the Venus Light is not a course. It is a way of being and living. I am Light and feel the greater Heart and Love within and without myself. I feel sovereign, all I need I feel within. I embody crystal clear inner knowingness and this unlocked my potential and discovered a new profound way of experiencing love. My soul is within and without. I feel expansive; I am all that is. I feel so rich,this is something you can’t buy, but you can live it; My relationship with my son has deepened so much, we feel each other’s waves. It is very pure, and this is beautiful. I am One structure and feel One with my environment. Venus Light technology helps you to become who you truly are so you act with your heart and soul.

This is a key to unlock yourself. If you want it, it will happen. 100% sure.


Who am I?


I AM LOVE. I can feel and see it.


Just I AM.

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ChrisVenus Light Technology