I feel a deep respect and Oneness with all of existence. Abundance and love are within me and all around me.

I feel Oneness with all of existence. I desire to manifest this. It really is like that. It seems so obvious, but it is not.

The Cosmos is within me, and I am Cosmos. Once you understand this, this embodied feeling stays.I feel more whole. My soul is more whole again. I sense I have something big to do here on Earth. I feel lit inside. My soul mission is the only thing I desire and the obstacles to this are dissolving. The way is open. I await something special. I now have the guts to do it.

I now understand what divinity is. I can feel it within – the divine source in your heart. And I can see and feel it in all others. I sense beyond the person and can see through it. I don’t feel inner polarity anymore. I feel my deepest soul and the contrast outside of me. It is beautiful to not have to search anymore. I know who I AM, the true me and what my dreams are. I had forgotten….

Abundance is coming to me. Life will provide for me. I loved the activations, the sacred sounds Sabrina was singing. I felt coming home, a deep connection in my soul. It had a great effect on all my relationships. I am now more connected to my inner self, which brings me into a state of inner peace. This enabled me to really reconnect with my loved ones. i have so much peace in me, it does not trigger me anymore. It has a significant effect on others as well. I rely on the universe and know everything is good that comes to me. I know I am choosing the right way. Abundance is everywhere, for everyone.

My relationship with the Earth has deepened so much, I have a deep respect for her and all beings. I am so grateful to be here.Love was a struggle and conditional. Now I feel more sovereign, myself. I don’t need to do anything for love;I do not search it; it is within and around me.

Everything is Oneness. Once you can feel it, you transcend searching and needing. You RECEIVE it.


Life is important to leave it in its worth.