I AM That I AM

She moves with her inner senses between form and formlessness. Here she sculpts with the essences and filaments of the world beyond thought and form, where the soul has its origin, to guide you to Self-Realization and Light Mastery.

About her

Sabrina Di Nitto is a loving human being, a mother, a Metaphysician and Enlightenment Embodiment Teacher. She loves life and experiencing every moment in profound bliss through her heart.

She works as a Midwife for Cosmic consciousness; and practices Divine Human embodiment, Soul Alignment to the resonance of Oneness and Divine Light indwelling

Over the course of two decades, she has dedicated herself to offering sessions and training, in the pursuit of embodying the soul and I AM Presence. She thrives on extensive experience in ascension work, enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, alchemical and merkaba healing, spiritual psychology and awakened soul codes spanning cosmology, metaphysics, ancient Egyptian, Urantia and Cosmic mysteries.

About the Divine Heart

The Divine Heart Self-Realisation Centre, which was founded by her, is known for its Enlightenment Modules, which have proven to be exceptionally powerful and have been highly appreciated by individuals from various backgrounds.The light code activations restore your original soul codes, build your light and further develop your soul architecture for cosmic consciousness. Her profound approach allows you to prepare your physical and etheric structures for soul embodiment, the Divine Human and Self-Realization.

It is her soul mission to share these with you on your path to becoming a Self-Realized Light Master.

About her Light Tablet

With great passion and dedication, she wrote her best-selling book, “Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension: A Sacred Journey through Creation,” captivating readers with her profound insights into the pure creational process of life. She released her light tablet in paperback, hardcover, ebook and audio version.


Profound mentorship: Leading by example

By going through ascension processes herself, restructuring her body with updated light codes, and creating modules, Sabrina leads by example in guiding others. She is recognised for her profound, human-centred approach that transforms the human body from carbon to pure light essence.

Sabrina guides you through the great release on countless inner multidimensional levels. She works on light circuitry and prima mater source coding, to transcend form and its fragmentation so you embody your innate bliss, harmonic resonance, peace and garden of Eden resonance. She strives to assist you in achieving sovereignty as an enlightened master.

By immersing in these Enlightenment Modules, you experience a powerful shift that brings you back to your core essence. As a result, you will embody different levels of your light, ultimately leading to Self Realisation and Self Actualisation. The Venus Light Technology is a full immersion I AM presence embodiment trajectory.

Transmuting the physical body from carbon to light essence. 

Sabrina is passionate about the human body and transmuting this human essence from carbon to crystalline light essence. She underwent several transmutation processes of light fusion in which she experienced a deep cleansing of her human, soul history and mass consciousness. These moments were physically very intense. Yet in those moments she moved with her inner senses and found the confidence and assurance she needed to illuminate her human form.

It is her soul mission and passion to guide people in this process as well.


As sovereign Light Master, she teaches soul architecture & light building

Current published Enlightenment Modules are Venus Light Technology: The Sacred Architect & Divine Master Creator. The Sacred Heart Twin Flame Soul Union, Cosmic Light Networks, Cosmic Moon Code and Cosmic Heart Portal.

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