Enlightenment Soul Embodiment session for the Preparation to embody your divinity Enlightenment Self Realisation Trajectory

As we have a unique vibration, and evolve at a unique pace and rhythm, side by side, we also offer preparatory pathways in the form of Soul Embodiment.

A Profound Foundation

These provide a base of support and foundation so that one can begin to carry higher frequencies of light and elaborate the Divine Heart energies with ease and grace while remaining balanced. After this, one can scale into the Divine Human pathways and take quantum growth leaps through the Venus Light Technology or other light programs of one’s choice.

Preparation for Quantum Growth

These sessions attune you to your highest potential and soul light vibration.
As part of a trajectory/mentoring process you engage in a profound purification and activation process to prepare for light mastery.


These sessions can be given in English, French or Dutch.

Energy Exchange

The price per session is 150 euros.

An appointment for a session is binding.

Free cancellation is possible up to 48 hours in business days before the session.