Venus Light Technology

I know who I AM. The Venus Light Technology is very subtle and powerful. It goes to your core and connects you to the larger Self. My I AM. Very profound feeling of coming home. I don’t really need a lot anymore. I feel so fulfilling. I like myself and others! It is me! I have it all within. My relationships have deepened. I stay close to myself, my core. And I feel so fulfilling. It made a huge difference. People enjoy my energy and are open to me, while I feel unconditional. I am there. And these moments are enough, my inner unconditional nature of it.

The connection with my children is wonderful. I am without words, amazed, peaceful, like an open child, more aware, in connection on a deeper level. At the same time, I feel so wise and mature. This has so much impact on my environment, people open and feel room to truly be with me. I feel I have so much TIME and Space in me. I feel it in my heart. I remembered what is truly important and essential for me. When I look in the mirror, I feel different. I feel divine. My body is universal love.

Abundance came my way, my soul mission clarified, and my senses became crystal clear. I discovered I could look beyond the veil of the persona.I feel so light; it took me a while to feel I can allow this light abundance in my life. Everything is open, no guilt, no shame. I don’t feel responsible for others; it is free and light. My sexuality underwent a surge and shifted, my energy opened and I now experience intimacy from a deep heart level.

I embody My Truth.