I experience divinity as a natural state of being.


The Venus Light Technology is a huge leap in my development that nothing has ever given me. I merged with my core. I feel peaceful, discerning crystal clarity, determined. I am more in my body and at the same time very light and this is very solid. I developed a sound inner knowingness of my inner and outer environment; I feel an unwavering sense of love for Self,t here is no doubt I KNOW. My relationships are free from emotional games, I stand in a higher soul perspective, so I am not triggered anymore by a partner. I left duality and feel centered in myself. I feel supported by my higher self, or even something higher than my higher self. I choose to not deal with bullshit of other people anymore and can stay in my peace and stillness; I can engage in healthy relationships now. I feel sovereign and do into look for answers outside of myself. I embody my inner knowingness. I know best who I AM. I feel it. This is a huge difference and I am really happy about that.

The activations were amazing and powerful, i can feel them and know it worked. I am not looking for support outside of myself anymore. I understand what true abundance is about and experience divinity as a natural state of being. Caroline