Moon Codes



Moon Light Transitioning 

Have you ever been so close to the moon that you wanted to cradle her in your arms and feel the serenity of her presence, as if she were your child?

Have you ever felt like a cosmic midwife of all midwives? You may not remember, but essentially you are a cosmic midwife or midwife man, and a feature of midwifery is that you are the circumstance in which seeds come to fruition. You are the fertile ground that will make a seed blossom.

It is your authority that births life.

This selection of Moon Light Transitioning activations submerges you in an ancient, timeless ritual, a cosmic practice that opens you up to the essence of the Moon. The forgotten Moon god/goddess inside you is rekindled. You imbue yourself with silver codes of moonlight.

The Moon Light Transitioning series transcends the thought of planetary moons, instead we connect with cosmic Moon grids pairing with us with energies of cosmic moons throughout the cosmos.

You attune to the generative forces of this cosmos and its creational matrix.

By undertaking these activations, you not only animate your inner seeds, but you also provoke the inner Moon God/Goddess that supports creation. You remember who you are by nature.

This series allows you to:

  • Recode your system to the dynamics of blossoming.
  • Ponder the Moon cycles and formulate a tapestry of prosperity for yourself. Your energy remembers it and offers it to Earth and beyond.
  • Remind yourself that you have the power, the ability to shape life and support your own creation in what you want, what you desire and especially subconsciously in the knowledge of what you need.
  • Acquire a correct understanding of light and dark transcending duality. Light as Moon Light and dark as Moon Shadow, the place where all your unborn seeds lie. You learn to bring them to the light.
  • Position and engage yourself in an evolutionary process, to move with that dynamic from a conscious and soul level.

By working with a specific intent and engaging with this series, you can make it a part of your life in a tangible way. But ultimately, what happens on a higher level is that you are reawakened to the Code of Creation that rules this cosmos.


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Unlimited in time.

Light Codes: spoken word, divine sound, light language


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