The Mission statement of the Venus Light, a Prima Mater Light technology:

The Venus Light, is offered to you by a co-creation of many Ascended Masters and the Path of the Venus Light Beings. We live to restore Divine Wholeness on Earth and to everyone residing on her celestial body. In this offering you will partner with these Ascended Masters as they offer you the universal dynamics of the Venus Light and a unique approach in tune with your unique soul energy signature, your Divine Light Being self.

The Venus Light facilitates:

  • Building your light body for extended and accelerated spiritual growth so that you can embody one of the highest frequencies available of universal energy on Earth.
  • Becoming a powerful sacred site, a vessel for high frequency energies. A lighthouse, among human beings on Earth. This solid structure enables you to come forward in a stable, balanced way, unifying you with your divine selves and profoundly deepening your interconnectedness with the Cosmos and the Earth.
  • Gaining more clarity about your soul mission.
  • Embodying a new universal cosmological worldview on the creation of life, the birthing of the Cosmos, who YOU are, who the Earth is, and what you are here for.
  • Understanding the dynamics of the kosmos, her functioning, vastness, how it is built in harmonic resonance and in accordance with cosmic laws of our primordial Creational Mothers.
  • Becoming a Creator, midwifing yourself a new, and your soul mission.
  • Living through your Light Being Self. Incarnating your Inner Light.

The content:

Initiations & activations in:

  • Inner Light building.
  • Innovative high-frequency energies.
  • Ancient and forgotten Cosmic rites of passage.
  • DNA activations and Stellar consciousness.
  • Rekindling and aligning dormant soulparts.
  • Remembering and integrating our divine selves.

This offering is deepening, powerful and helps you to:

  • Ignite, activate and further develop your divine nature, divine qualities.
  • Embrace divine love for yourself, the Earth and all that it encompasses.
  • Thrive on Light and Love
  • Live from your own inner flame, interconnected between Earth and Cosmos.

The Venus Light offers you to become a Master Light Builder, a Sacred Architect, in other words, creator of your own life. With the Light you carry, you can enlighten the path of many others and build sacred light temples, vessels, sacred sites within human beings, animals within and on Earth.