The Cosmic Ascension Project
Mission Statement

We live to restore Divine Cosmic Wholeness on Earth and to all who reside in her heavenly body. In this offering, you will partner with these Ascended Masters as they offer you the universal dynamics of the Venus Light and a unique approach aligned with your unique soul energy signature, your Divine Light Being Self.

Venus Light Technology
In co-creation with Cosmic Buddha Teachings

The Venus Light Technology, a Prima Mater Source Code technology and the Cosmic Buddha Teachings offered by the Cosmic Ascension Project, is a co-creation of many Ascended Masters and the Creational Beings of the Venus Light:

  • In intimate co-creation with the Creational Beings of Venus Light and the Cosmic Buddha, your golden diamond heart is invoked to manifest and reflect the heart of the Cosmos. In this reflection, your  Light sphere is meticulously constructed, updated, refined, realigning the universal and unique source codes within your deepest essence, realigning your multi D DNA for cosmic bandwidth and cosmic co-creation to guide your Divine Self to incarnation on Earth. You can finally establish true co-creation with Earth and the Cosmos from your Divine Light Being and in Oneness with All That Is. You activate all energetic circuits to be present and attuned to the highest energies on Earth.
  • The Venus Light technology and Cosmic Buddha guide you to embody: cosmic ascension, Creation in your heart, and a framework of existence beyond time and space.It offers you the Am that I Am, your Eternal Self, and your emerging divine gifts.
  • The Venus Light technology liberates polarities and dissolves associated old biology through advanced integration of Divine Light and access to Divine Gifts. Your original and vibrational essences emerge in their own organic biorhythms, through vibrational consciousness transmissions via your own channels. This allows you to be at the base of your light body, leading your enlightenment. You move into ascension frequencies and open your divine gifts.

Venus Light Technology : Part I
Alignment to Oneness
  • Dissolving all conditional, repressed self-love, impure love, as human transformation problems are primarily related to fear, control and powerlessness reflected to you from within yourself and from the mirrors of others.
  • Resolving distortions of your light and deviations from your soul path that have been present since the beginning of your soul’s existence.
  • Aligning with Oneness and dissolving old biology.
  • Building your light body for expanded and accelerated spiritual growth to embody the highest available frequencies of universal energy on Earth.
Light Building
  • Universal Source Code re-imprinting for harmonic resonance with Self and Cosmos.
  • Unique Source Code re-imprinting for harmonic resonance with Self and Cosmos.
  • Inner Light building for expansion into cosmic bandwidth.
  • Divine verse high-frequency energies.
  • DNA activations into cosmic consciousness.
  • Awakening and alignment of dormant soul parts.
  • Remembrance and integration of your Divine Self.
Cosmic transmissions offering
  • The ignition, activation, further development and expansion of your divine nature and gifts.
  • The embrace of Divine love and light for yourself, the Earth, and All That Is.
  • A Life from your own inner flame, your Divine Light Being Self embodied between Earth and Cosmos as a sacred site, a vessel for high-frequency energies. A Lighthouse among people on Earth to emerge in a balanced way, united with your Divine Self and a deepened cosmic nature.
  • The embodiment of your Soul mission in a new cosmological worldview and dynamic.
  • The Creator Being of your own creation and creations: re-birthing yourself and soul mission, incarnating your Inner Light to illuminate the path of many others and build sacred Light Temples, vessels, sacred places in people, animals within and on Earth.
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