Multiple bestseller, The Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension is an advanced spirituality Light Tablet that reveals the cosmogonic mystery of your soul’s creation and its journey throughout creation.

If you are seeking a deep understanding of the divine, your soul essence and architecture and that of the Cosmos, this Light Tablet will resonate deeply within you.

In this series of divine transmissions, you are guided through the formless, the ethereal, namely all the Light Beings that animate matter: such as temples, sacred sites, the Earth and the Cosmos. This Light Tablet aims to help you connect with your soul essence, yoursoul’s purpose,andascend to a higher, cosmic level of consciousness.

In this Emerald Source Tablet, co-created with Thoth Hermes and many Ascended Light Masters, you will find the cosmic teachings and sacred New Thought for the Aquarian Age on
– Hermetism
– Cosmology
– Source Cosmogony
– The Divine Mother Principles and the Divine Cosmic Womb
– Ancient Egyptian, Lemurian and Urantia Mysteries
– Quantum and Metaphysics
– The Emergence of Divine Human

Allow yourself a deep understanding of the cosmic mystery of life and the structure of your soul, your divine spark, the cosmos, existence. This will enable you to remember who you are, where you came from, and why you are here. With this knowledge, you can begin to align with your highest expression and that of the Earth, and find your way home to your golden diamond heart. The I Am, that I Am.

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