Light Fusion Session

This session serves to observe what stage of light fusion you are in. Your light structures are read in their current situation. The blockages that prevent you from being fully in your light are named, and which steps are important to change this.

This profound assessment sheds light on your most important blockage to your enlightenment and self-realization. This clear, cosmic/human overarching vision about your soul and its future trajectory creates a lot of clarity in your humanity and how to fully integrate your light into your body. You experience a new person/soul consolidated position and move from this further into the future.


For whom

You will get the most out of this session when you have already done enough inner work and have gone through a thorough purification of your human blockages. Then you are ready to embody your inner light in your body. The reading of your light structures that want to come to the surface can already bring about a lot of inner dynamics, and direct you on a path of quantum growth.


Energy Exchange

200 euros for 45 minutes.

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