The Cosmic Heart



The Divine Heart is a fountain of eternal Love, Bliss and an infinite source of creational energy. At the same time, it is also a Cosmic Heart Portal when you allow yourself to dwell in your I AM. Your Cosmic Heart Portal attunes you to the cosmic realms and divine verses, allowing you to live here on Earth, thriving on divine resonances in tune with your soul.

Your Cosmic Heart Portal reflects the cosmic sky and Divine Creation. It allows the release of old biology to deepen resonance with your own Cosmic Heart Portal and anchor it with Divine Love. In this series, you will explore your heart as a Cosmological Clock, a receiving station for understanding the cosmic map by which you move through the portals in our current cosmos. You will also experience an activation of your Heart as a Cosmic Heart portal and the Blue Sun energy strand.


  1. The Cosmological Clock

This cosmic transmission gives you the space to

  •         Release blockages relating to love
  •         Calibrate your Cosmic Heart Portal and Cosmic Flame, deepening it within your energetic structure
  •         Align and activate your Cosmic Heart Portal with the frequencies of Divine Love.
  •         Feel a deeper sense of presence within the Cosmic Womb
  •         Align with your cosmic nature and interact with cosmic light.
  •         Dial into your highest frequencies and tune into your own essence of Oneness
  •         Achieve a deeper level of Self Realization and prepare you to transform into a human portal for your cosmic light.
  1. The Cosmic Roadmap

This cosmic transmission gives you the space to

  •         Explore the original threading of your Heart portal.
  •         Align your heart to the higher frequencies of Divine love so you shift to new frequencies of light, love and cosmic amplitude.
  •         Integrate the cosmic heart essence, blending universal knowledge and inner wisdom

Remember your own greater self and work with your cosmic heart gate and relevant portals in your own life, to allow cosmic light to imbue you and assist you further in your own soul evolution.

  1. Activation Cosmic Heart Portal

This cosmic transmission gives you the space to

  •         Imbue your Heart Portal in the essences of the blue sun, the blue avatar
  •         Transform and integrate your updated Multi D DNA in the base of your cosmic heart.
  •         Calibrate to Cosmic Time & Space
  •         Align You as a child of the Cosmos

You will thrive on these energies. Allow them to translate into your daily life in your own unique way.


Online Streaming Activations for 90 days



395 euros


A heavenly deepening and opening of my heart essence to the cosmic level.

I love the imprint as the heart part of the cosmic clock and unfolding of creation.

A series created in absolute Oneness.