The Cosmic Light Networks




Metaphysics of Light

The Great Leap: Your soul’s desire

Imagine being fully present in your light, on all levels that you are, and to be connected to All That Is, so you feel you belong not only to this earth, but to this cosmos.

Then you live, being a part of it. It gives you divine energy, it recognizes, admits, approves, that you are light.

You understand light and as such you reconnect with that cosmic code of light and become its reflection, omni-conscientious essence light.

Where you are now

As a human being, you are already evolved in your spirituality. You embody a sense of Oneness and have a higher consciousness. But you’ve gotten to a point where you’re walking in circles. You have tried almost everything, but nothing allows you to make a quantum leap in the development of your light body. And you wish for yourself, yet unconsciously, a blissful human divine experience of life and of your embodied connection to cosmic essence.

You have already done so much in spirituality, transpersonal work, energy work, metaphysics or quantum physics. You have reached a certain level and cannot overcome the barrier that you find difficult to name. You are ambitious and want to live completely from your divine heart. You know how life desires to be lived and what you are capable of. All you need is this little nudge to evolve, expand, excel to the next level to become all you know and have been.

Next step: Embody your Cosmic Essence Light

The Light networks expand your cosmic light body to full cosmic bandwidth. Your vibration thrives on all frequencies of cosmic light. Your light circuits expand, broaden, become solid, highly developed and supportive. A very refined light essence digitizes, as it were, your human body, your Light body to the most fine-tuned vibrations and qualities of light, so that you not only transmit light but also work with light, re-pattern it, encode it, fractalize it.

For the Light Master within: Light is a prima mater, you remember how to work with.

 This is a Cosmic Ascension Wave of Light for your soul.

Your soul, which evolves together with Earth and creation, asks that your multi-dimensional being be allowed to blossom and transform its etheric and human DNA into -full- cosmic consciousness, so that you may come to understand its truth and become one with it. Your future is nestled in your heart. all is known.

Become One with the evolution of Light


The Cosmic Light Networks serve you as a soul, restore your original cosmic connection and circuitry and ability to thrive on high frequent cosmic Light. The Cosmic Light Networks gift you with all that you need to evolve at high speed, to make quantum leaps in your soul growth. It upgrades your energetic system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you stay up to date at every nanosecond.

The Cosmic Light Networks re-pattern and increase your light frequency, enabling you to bring greater light here on Earth. You store and anchor light. The more you anchor your light here on Earth, the more you take part in the ascension of the Earth, the ascension of all beings on Earth and your own ascension. You bring down the cosmic sky and all its codes into your light vessel. Your heart is a communication vessel and allows you to communicate, to alchemize, to store energy and balance your environment.

You are a cosmic being, and your voice carries the weight of timeless wisdom. This is a divine collaboration, manifesting itself in this moment.


What will this series offer you?

Unlock the wisdom of your soul, its innate understanding of Light and open yourself to the re-patterning energy of the Cosmic Light.

Divine Love

  • Unfold your core being, your Sacred Heart, your love and vulnerability for creation.
  • Access deep & profound love for life on Earth, for your own life, for all existence
  • Re-ignite your love for the human body as a vessel for Light
  • Be a carrier of light on Earth. Transmute your human vessel, become a stunning Light beacon.
  • By transcending all experiences lived before, you divinize your matter: your body, your blood, your skin, your bone marrow, your heart to emanate the brightest light, bringing peace, love, bliss, and power to Earth.

Preparation of your Physical and Etheric Body

  • Release soul patterns meant for survival no longer needed for the re-patterning of your Cosmic Light circuitry.
  • Release blocking ancient cosmic memories to the re-patterning of your Cosmic Light circuitry and free yourself.
  • Release old ways of carrying your light in separation consciousness: the new Comic Light Network and its light crystalline structure bring you into resonance of Oneness within yourself.
  • Raise your light pillar, brightness, emanate cosmic wisdom on Earth.
  • Channel and thrive on these highest cosmic frequencies or any frequency that you might encounter.

Alignment to the Original Code of Light. The Alpha Sun Code.

  • Align to a new sovereign, free and expansive cosmic matrix of Light.
  • Transcend the limitation of space and time of you accessing only this dimension.
  • Re pattern to live in a most balanced and unified way.
  • Clear cosmic distortions to your light re-patterning, remain in balance and sovereign, whatever comes your way.
  • Recode your light and discover new possibilities and freedom. There are no boundaries, no hierarchy, only the resonance of ONE.
  • Begin to transform your human vessel from carbon into crystalline light and the embodiment of the Divine Human
  • Align to consistent DNA, supportive of your evolution.
  • Re-imprint your vessel as a Light Crystal.
  • Light Beings anchor their energy in crystals so we can work with them, and they can heal us.
  • As a Sovereign Light Master, you become your own Crystal of Light and live your life on Earth as a light vessel. You honor yourself for your soul mission of being a Being of Light.
  • Store incoming cosmic light, providing you a balanced and sovereign state of being.
  • o-create on cosmic levels, resonating with the movement of light

Passageway from the old human bridging towards the divine human

  • The light networks are your communication channels. Awakening them is critical, as it opens the door to a realm of limitless opportunities.
  • Your soul structure of human essence is destined to be a beacon of light, an antenna of the Divine for Earth.
  • Listen to the ancient frequencies of the creational codes of Light. Be in resonance with that primordial nature that is, and always has been, intrinsically present within.
  • Attune to your cosmic nature, hear all the whispers in the cosmic sky.
  • Renew your relationship with Light and the origin of Light, the Alpha Sun code.

Experience in your Daily Life

  • Discover new ways to be sovereign in an expanded way.
  • Reunite your Self Love and Self-worth with your cosmic identity. Step away from discouragement, uncertainty, incapability;
  • Be guided by the Light Beings of the Light Networks, who will manifest more in your earthly existence and in any future soul journeys.
  • Recode your soul mission to higher light frequencies.
  • Make a quantum leap in increasing your Light frequency and opening yourself up for all levels of cosmic light

Immerse yourself in a wondrous cosmic metamorphosis and take the Great Leap.
By evolving as Divine Human, we learn to vibrate in harmony with the Cosmic Laws of the Universe. As we journey towards the core of our being, just like Isis and the spiritual teachers of old, we outgrow our old selves.
Our soul releases, old biology, old memories that it has held for millions of years. This cleansing is cosmic and profound, and as we descend into our cosmic depths.
We embody ever more of our Pure Light.



Online Streaming activations for 90 days

Light Codes: spoken word, light language, divine sound


2200 euros


Loved it…. So inclusive of the transition into light.

Anyone benefits. The series is lovely and superb. It recodes and rewrites the DNA genome. Subtle, simple, & powerful. It reformats ALL back into the natural pure light. The Divine Mother restores the balance of all distorted matter. A playful creation again in the heart! Wonderful!

Excellent intense purification of old codes/cosmic memories for Stargate openings into quantum crystalline density that dissolves and purifies old trapped matter patterns and lifts it into the light of wisdom’s love.

No need to mediate with human or negotiate with the soul for existence, abundance, nor the right to life, or being trapped in dense matter. Reality is consciousness in awareness.