Twin Flame Soul Union

Twin Flame Soul Union focuses on realigning your Original Soul Code, restoring and rebalancing the detrimental effects of primordial Soul Wounds to your soul structure. Both you and I we have all experienced the primordial pain of separation in this cosmos. Since that event, the impact reverberates deep within and in all experiences, incarnation after incarnation. Your persona and relationships are affected by it because your soul essence still carries the memory in its being.

On a human level, integrating your twin flame essence allows you to dissolve an existential longing your human seeks and which causes you to feel incomplete, alone, not loving, nor worthy enough …

Releasing the primordial wound energy from your soul structure and from your human brings Light sovereignty, gentleness, wholeness, lightness, connectedness, and peace to your heart.

Twin Flame Soul Union helps you experience life from your Heart profoundly, gives clarity about the deformations in your current relationships and your soul lets you transform these in the period after the activations. Your life changes, you change in your relationships and live more from your Heart a life that resonates with your soul frequencies.