The discerning Light Master. Divine Awareness and perception.

Free Your Soul From Energetic Abusive Cycles and Embody your Spiritual Enlightenment.

Embrace Enlightened Spirituality: Break Free From Abusive Cycles. Even in its most subtle form, abusive energy follows an energetic pattern that prevents you from transmuting your old human foundations and reaching Self Realisation. When your limits are disregarded physically, emotionally, and spiritually, your understanding of a healthy relationship with your Soul, Self, self, and others…

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Self-Realization and how you can become Sovereign in Love

Self-Realization and seizing the Eternal Quest for Love.  The eternal search for completeness in human love relationships is the common thread in the quest for fulfilment that ensnares you in your self-realization and sovereignty.   Self-love and love felt for another person. This thread is the foundation for your happiness and often deviates you from…

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